Swim With Sting Ray

Why We Love What We Do …. Live It and Love It

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There is nothing like taking a plunge into the underwater world whether snorkeling or diving, breaking that surface brings new adventure and something you have never experienced in life. It becomes a play ground, a world of make belief, your get away. Gravity is defeated and you simply fly through the water with no restrictions, you’re free, at peace and amazed by the graceful movement of sharks, rays, fish, and the way everything sways with the movement of the water. Here at Belize Pro Dive Center, this is not a job, but a way of life, you either love it and live it or you don’t. That’s what we bring to our guests here at BPDC, we are just as excited as you are to explore and experience the thrill, no adventure is the same. Whether learning to dive or taking a trip to snorkel or simply hanging out with all of the guides here at the shop, a day in the water is better than a day in the office. From our entire crew here at BPDC we dare you to explore, to live it, and to endulge in one of mother natures best kept secrets. “The Sea, once it casts it’s spell. holds one in it’s net of wonder forever” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

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