Local Scuba Diving – 1 Tank Dive

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All of the diving in Ambergris Caye can be partaken on the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, called the Mesoamerica Barrier Reef. After being picked up from your resort at 8:15am or 1:15pm, it is a short boat ride to out dive shop located at Banyan Bay. Here we introduce you to our crew and get you fitted with your equipment, if needed. If it is your first time diving with us then we do ask you just to gear up your own tank, just to familiarize yourself with our equipment if renting, if not just to give you a quick refresher. Once you have set your equipment, we see how you prefer your equipment, and then we have it prepared for the rest of your trip. If you’re doing multiple days of diving your equipment will be set up and waiting for you on consecutive days.
From here we introduce you to our boat. All of our diving boats are fully equipped with emergency oxygen units, first aid kit, life jackets, fire extinguisher, spare equipment and we use cell phones for emergency purposes. Tanks are stored at the back of all out boats; there is space under our seats to place fins, masks, weights and other personal items. We can also have rinse buckets for cameras in masks if needed. We also have a dry area in the bow of the boat of items that you would not like to get wet.

We have a range of dive sites, from anywhere between a five minute and a fifteen minute boat ride from the dive shop, suitable for variety of divers. All of the dives that we do on the barrier reef are drift dives. We are not allowed to use anchors on the reef, so we moor up on a mooring line, from here we ask you to come on to the back of the boat to help you into your equipment, once you’re comfortable we use the back roll entry into the water. We use a float line to the back of the boat for divers to hold on to while the rest of the group enters of the water. Once everyone is in the water, you descend and start the dive. All of our dives are always lead by a guide. Our ratio of divers to guides is 8 to 1. If we have a larger group we have multiple guides in the water and divide the group into smaller groups, to make the dives more enjoyable for everyone. Our reef starts at 40 – 45ft. The formation of coral is called spur and groove canyons, fingers of coral with sandy bottomed canyons, some deep some shallow. An average depth for a dive is 60ft; dependent on the group we can go deeper or shallower. Our dives are 40 minutes long, 45 surface to surface including the three minute safety stop.

Once you surface from the dive, the boat is waiting to collect you. From here you will do a deep water exit, removing weights first, then the BCD, and fins for mask for last. Once the dive is completed and all divers are back on board we return to the dive shop for the surface interval. We have fresh fruit and snacks waiting for you upon your return. You will be on the dock between 25 – 40 minutes dependent on the dive. Your dive guide will change your equipment and make any adjustments that you may need. For those who are doing multiple days of diving, we try not to repeat dive sites; we will only repeat dives upon request. After the surface interval, we depart from the dock, to complete the second dive.

There is a wide range of marine life that can be seen on our dives, from small to the large. The marine life that is most prominent on all dives are, the Nurse Sharks, the Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Green Moray Eels, Lobster, Spotted Eagle Rays, Grouper, Snapper and much much more. There are also small chances of seeing reef sharks and dolphins. Our two tank dives last between three and three and half hours dependent on group size.



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