Mexico Rocks

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Mexico rocks is a shallow patch reef system located north of San Pedro. Made up of boulder like corals that rise to the surface and clusters of small patch reefs, it is a haven for juvenile fish which seek protection from larger predators. The newest marine reserve around Ambergris Caye, it’s becoming as popular as Hol Chan and tends to have less currents and waves, which makes for an easier snorkel , especially if it’s your first time.

Mexico rocks is just a 20 minute boat ride away from Belize Pro Dive Center. Once there, your guide will give you a short history on the area and a briefing on how you will be conducting your snorkel as he guides you through the area. Mexico rocks is quickly becoming a snorkeling hot spot because of it’s depth (8-12ft) and vast amount of marine life, such as: juvenile fish, rays, turtles, sharks and an abundance of coral.




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