Night Dive

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Night dives are done at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which makes it perfect for first time night divers or experienced divers alike. With a starting depth of 6ft/2m, you’ll have enough time to adjust and see the transition as you descend into the fading light of the sunset and dive into the glow of your dive light.

As you move along shining your dive light on the mini coral walls which serve as a haven for juvenile and smaller fish during the night; you’ll notice groupers, snappers, and eels swim along following your beam of light to get even the smallest glimpse of their next prey. Unlike the day time at Hol Chan, you’ll be able to experience marine life not typically seen in the day time such as octopus, starfish, crabs, lobsters, squids and wonderful bioluminescence.

Our night dives leave at 6 p.m. or a bit later depending on the time of the year (sunset).

* Does not include dive light…. Dive lights $10 each

* Does not include 10 U.S.D. Park Fee

* Does not include dive light…. Dive lights $15 each


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