Turneffe Atoll Offshore 3 Tank Dive

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Designated a marine reserve in 2012, Turneffe Atoll is the largest and most visually spectacular of Belize’s 3 atolls, and one of the most unique in the Caribbean. The 400+ islets are mostly covered in dense mangroves interspersed with shallow lagoons, feeding the surrounding waters with a nutrient rich soup. Many of the dive sites act as spawning sites for reef fish as the lagoons and mangrove shallows offer good protection for juvenile fish. For this reason, the marine biodiversity is unmatched in this region. Turneffe Atoll has dive sites suitable for every level of diver with shallow reefs and varied topography. Drop-offs and channels make for a good variety of sites and larger reef fish, turtles and spotted eagle rays are frequently sighted. The endemic whitespotted toadfish is a delight to find for any diver.
With over 70 known dive sites at Turneffe, there’s enough variety and big fish action to keep any diver happy. Caribbean reef sharks and the ever-present nurse sharks are occasionally joined by solitary hammerheads and blacktips. Dolphins also regularly hunt in these waters. Manatees and American saltwater crocodiles can sometimes be seen in the water away from their lagoon home.

Turneffe Atoll is great for large marine life, visibility, wall diving, beginner and advance divers, not so good for snorkelling or non diving activities. One of our most popular offshore trip, the early start is well worth 3 spectacular dives and a day out at sea.
Our Turneffe Trip leaves at 6am and returns approximately 4pm with a continental breakfast and lunch provided.


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