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Underwater Dive Lights Available at Belize Pro Dive Center

Dive Lights

Dive lights are used mostly for Night Dives when the sun is down and there is no natural light. Price is per day 12.5% tax is not included

From USD$ 10.00
Wetsuits and Rash Guard Available at Belize Pro Dive Center


Water temperatures average 82f/27c year round which makes wet suits optional. Most commonly used are 2mm shorty wet suits which are available in kids, women, and men sizes. Also available are long wet suits if you tend to get cold a bit easier than others. Rash guards are often used as an alternative to wet…

From USD$ 8.00
Regulators Available at Belize Pro Dive Center


Our ScubaMax’s regulator combo: FG-11AS first stage and OT-3XAS 2nd stage comes with depth and pressure gauge. Very simple and perfect for rental. We do preventative service on all our regulators to ensure the fun and safe diving. Features: Classic piston regulator Classic downstream demand valve 1.2~1.4 CIW inhalation effort 1.1 CIW exhalation effort

From USD$ 10.00
BCDs Available at Belize Pro Dive Center


Our BCD’s are all vest type and weight integrated which come in 6 different sizes to provide comfort for everyone. Quick-release clips across the chest, waist, and shoulders make it easy to remove equipment in water before climbing up the ladder. Easy to use inflator/deflator hose and 3 additional dump valves make it easy to…

From USD$ 10.00
Open Heel Fins Available at Belize Pro Dive Center


Our open-toe foot pocket with heel pull-tab fins provides comfort and easy donning and removal. The long blade design provides a larger surface area for propulsion and comes in all sizes even for children. If you’re more comfortable wearing an open heel fin with booties, we do have them available in some sizes. Price is…

From USD$ 5.00
Snorkel Equipment at Belize Pro Dive Center

Mask and Snorkel

Masks Masks can be a very particular part of your dive or snorkel equipment, achieving a good seal is always important and for that reason, we carry different styles for all different shapes and sizes of faces even for kids. We also have prescription masks in -1.5, -2.0, -3.0, -4.0 although using your contacts under…

From USD$ 10.00
GoPro Underwater Camera Rentals at Belize Pro Dive Center

GoPro Underwater Cameras

Record your awesome adventures by renting an underwater camera with us, so you can share your great experiences touring our country, Belize. Price is per day 12.5% tax is not included

From USD$ 25.00

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